Canada’s Premiere Wild West Shooting Location

Features & Offerings

  • Less than an hour east of Toronto
  • Period props, buggies & carts
  • About 8 acres of private land
  • Fields, Yards, Grassland
  • Main Street
  • Dressable Interiors
  • Dressable Exteriors
  • Less than minute from major highway
  • Tractor trailer parking
  • Good for cranes & high scaffolding
  • Overnight accommodations for livestock
  • 10 minutes from hospital
  • 10 minutes from hotel
  • 5 minutes from fire hall
  • Seconds from restaurants and fast food

We Can Accomodate
Horses & Livestock Overnight

As a frontier western film set goes, Docville has all of the features and angles a director wants for their movie, TV series or music video.

The region’s economic development office has dedicated staff to support the local film industry and can provide all of the details you need to plan your shoot.

Production Day At The Ranch

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