Rental Information

The Docville Movie Set
816 Regional Rd 17, Newcastle, ON 1L9, Newcastle, ON L1B 1L9

Call (416) 508-0532 With Your Industry Inquiry

Step By Step

We do our best to provide a simple process for booking set time at The Docville Western Movie Set.  If you’re serious about renting all or parts of the property for your project, then here’s the plan:

  1. Call (416) 508-0532 with your project details
  2. Visit the site with your technical team
  3. Confirm production dates including set-up and tear down time
  4. List location, prop & service requirements
  5. Provide proof of insurance and workplace insurance coverage
  6. Commit to rental agreement
  7. Receive invoice and payment instructions
  8. Make deposit payments
  9. Make balance payments
  10. Complete film shoot
  11. Await post-shoot damage inspection
  12. Receive notice that all deposits owing are on their way to you within 3 business days after final inspection;
  13. Provide feedback/testimonials


The property can be rented in its entirety, by section or by building based on a half-day and full-day rate. Special pricing is available for film schools and student projects.

All productions – INCLUDING STUDENT PRODUCTIONS – will be required to sign a rental agreement and provide $2Million in liability insurance covering the production’s equipment and crew; as well, the production group must also provide proof of WSIB insurance for all labor and trades on the property that aren’t covered by a 3rd party employer.

The rental agreement will require a damage deposit. If there are no concerns then that amount will be returned within 3 business days after the production team has cleared the property for the last time.

All financial transactions will require an e-transfer by on-line Interact or bank transfer.

Prop Rentals

  • Period props are available for rental based on a fixed daily rate per item.
  • Packages are available that include access to all of the property’s buggies, carts and outdoor props.
  • Interior decor packages include period lights, tables, chairs and bar/saloon accessories.

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